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Who do you go to for gun reviews?

When you hear about a new gun and you’re considering buying it, who or where do you go to for reviews?

Do you favor the traditional print gun periodicals, or do you lean more towards online forums, reviews, and bloggers?

Are there some reviewers that carry no weight for you at all?

Are there a handful of go-to sources that you trust above all others?


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5 Responses

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  1. Richard_R says

    Gun Tests is pretty reliable. You may not agree with their evaluation criteria, but they are up front with how they do things. They are totally subscription supported, no advertising.

  2. ZerCool says

    I go to the bloggers I trust,, and read online forums with a grain of salt. I have yet to find a dead-tree magazine that reviews a gun with a trigger other than “like glass”, shoots anything less than minute-of-amazing, etc. While I understand that they are trying to sell advertisements and panning a product won’t keep that company advertising with them, they’ve also undercut any hint of reputation they might have.

  3. DirtCrashr says

    The *Gub Mangazines* are for entertainment and gun-culture. When I decided to get another/different .45 for home/personal defense I went to friends and decision-makers – and to see what exists among the used-gun market since I can’t afford *New*…

    • DirtCrashr says

      Ok that wasn’t much of an answer try again: 1.) Friend who has and carries one, 2.) Tam, 3.) Or Visa-Versa 4.) Critiques on-line.
      I used to subscribe to Gun-Tests but gave it up because they constantly tested guns for which I had no interest, but I would say they make a serious and credible effort.

  4. GunLaserGuide says


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