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Clown college recommendations

You can chose between the traditional variant, where you get an education in providing laughs and perhaps learn to squirt water into an unsuspecting circus-goers face like they teach in a real clown college…


You could go to American Defense Enterprises, where you will get something resembling a nightmare of clownish behavior with firearms that might lead to one or more of your kidneys being splattered all over the target because of their dangerous training practices… and that’s no laughing matter.

I have had very minimal formal training when it comes to firearms, restricted to a handful of NRA classes and a half-day at the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot with the very impressive Tom Givens of Rangemaster. In each and every one of these courses, safety was paramount, and the instructors would have had no room for the dangerous stunts performed on camera by ADE instructor-clowns.

These people will get someone injured or killed.

Stay away from them.

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One Response

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  1. Ron D says

    But Bob, they’re all “experienced Special Ops” instructors, rated number one trainers in the world by DHS, and provide the same course that they teach to SEALs!!!

    Thank God they’re all the way over on the left coast….

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