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Another iteration of the new Detonics 45

I’ll let you click to enlarge and get the full-effect of the as-yet-unnamed new Detonics 45.

You’ll notice that it isn’t properly a 1911, but a conceptual blending of two of John Browning’s designs, with a 1911-style top-end and a Hi-Power inspired frame, both updated with modern manufacturing technologies, and more importantly, subtle improvements based upon human factors research into combat shooting and physiological responses.

There’s a lot more I could say about this pistol at this point, but I promised that I wouldn’t. I’m anxiously awaiting a chance to get my paws on one within the next few months and put it through its paces.

Update: I also have an unofficial photo of an all-black version taken with an iPhone. This is as good of a resolution as it gets.

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  1. Tianna says

    Please keep us updated, I am interested in this gun also. Thanks

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