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Templar Custom Multi-Caliber Weapons System (MCWS)

I made it to the range this past weekend with Bob Reynolds of Templar Custom Firearms of Apex, NC. We were going to abuse the crap out of one of his rifles, and shoot another for a Shooting Illustrated article.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Some of you may have seen me shoot Bob’s six-pound full-auto 50 Beowulf last year on YouTube. It is a monster, to put it mildly, as you might expect from a rifle that is more or less the equivalent of a .45/70 machine gun fired out of a package that weighs about half as much as a Thompson SMG. Why fire a 50 Beowulf with a 12.5″ barrel on full auto? Sir, I submit to you that the answer is “Why not?”

Bob wanted me to take that same rifle and torture test it with the final pre-production sample of his new FastRail. Quick description:

14″ Templar FastRail system

  •  Extruded 6061 T111 aircraft grade aluminum
  •  Center is counter-bored to ensure exact concentricity and alignment with mil standard uppers
  •  14″ hand guard weighs in at 18oz
  •  43-45RC 3 black oxidized Templar barrel nut “3 for this configuration”
  •  1 swivel sling stud
  •  1 case hardened black oxide barrel tool and 5/32 allen wrench

How did we torture test it?

Other than two of us standing on it at the same time (estimated: 400 lbs), Bob nailed the sling strap to the the side of the two-story shooting tower at the range, and proceeded to swing it into the telephone poles that made up it’s base. The aluminum rail chewed up the telephone pole–Bob has some video somewhere of creosote-soaked splinters flying–but the rail suffered no damage other than some scuff marks.

I then repeated Bob’s smash test, and then I loaded the rifle and emptied the magazine. Even after the abuse and  shooting something as intense as a 50 Beowulf, the handguard didn’t move at all.

We them put that rifle away, and broke out the Templar Custom MCWS.

Templar Custom MCWS in "Desert Snake" trim

This rifle is semi-auto, (meaning we can have them) and comes in a package with 3 barrel  assemblies in .223 Wylde, 6.5 Grendel, and 50 Beowulf.

Here’s a photo of Bob about to sight in the EOTech using the 6.5 Grendel barrel. The 50 Beowulf and .223 Wylde are on the bench. I’ll let you guess which is which.

And finally, yours truly being the “bad example,” posing with an empty rifle (by this point we have the .223 Wylde installed) without wearing eye or ear protection.

How did the range session go?

You’ll have to wait until the article posts at in August to find out!


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  1. Randall says

    Very nice, I really liked the MWCS setup and Bob does great work.

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