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FIRST LOOK: New modular double-stack Detonics 1911

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You are having an exclusive first look at the fully-functioning pre-production Detonics modular 1911 pistol, featuring a contoured double-stacked grip. The weapon had such a secret development, that this is the first picture of them released.

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6 Responses

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  1. Juan A Be The Luchador says

    I love me some double stack 1911

  2. Linoge says

    No attack against Bob intended – this is more directed to Detonics – but can we please stop slapping the term “1911” on everything even loosely related to that firearm? I am not sure where the line should be authoritatively drawn, but I think it is fair to say that “double-stack” is well outside it…

  3. Jeffersonian says

    Thr grip frame looks more like a High-power and if I’m not mistaken they have gotten rid of the dopey grip safety. I like what I see. Can’t wait until they hit the stores.

  4. Vaughan Pederson says


  5. Jan Reyes says

    I own 2 Detonics one Seattle Combatmaster and one Illinois MTX. I am 100% satisfied with the pistols and the service I have received from Detonics Defense in Illinois. Great company, great people and great product! The MTX has been reliable and consistent.

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