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Another Fast and Furious smoking gun

An internal ATF email discussing the use of "walked" firearms to support gun reporting initiatives. (click to embiggenate)

This is one of several emails (PDF) released yesterday by Congressman Issa and Senator Grassley showing that senior ATF agents hoped to use the weapons they allowed to be smuggled into Mexico to influence gun policy here in the United States.

William Newell, the ATF attache to Mexico, is one of those cited in the email.

Newell has not gone to Mexico since Fast and Furious broke,  fearing felony arrest and prosecution as an accessory.

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4 Responses

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  1. Norma Musselman says

    What a sleaze-bag scum way to influence a very important Constitutional Right. They should be hung!!!!!

  2. Norma Musselman says

    What a sleaze-ball way to cheat us out of our Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms!!
    Hands off our God-given rights, scum bags!!!

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