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An IFAK could save your life

I’ve pushed these before as a concept, and I’m going to keep after it until I’ve blue in the face. Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) were developed by the military so that injured soldiers can treat the most common battlefield injuries.

You know who else is around guns a lot? Shooters.

Now, most of us are very careful and conscientious with our firearms, but life is messy, and sometimes bad things happen. It’s blessedly rare, but guns suffer catastrophic failures, and people have lapses in judgement.

So listen the former SEAL medic and the research director.

Who knows… maybe you could be a hero to someone one day.

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  1. williamrichard says

    Even though this is a small article, very important point is mentioned in this. Who knows maybe we will be truly a hero for someone someday. Thank you for this wonderful and small article. Keep sharing more like this.

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