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Time to ban lead hunting ammo?

.40 S&W 125gr. Barnes TAC-XP

.40 S&W 125gr. Barnes TAC-XP from DoubleTap

I had a feed set up on Google News for general gun news, and stumbled across an op-ed from  columnist RT Cox titled, Ban Lead Hunting Ammo: We Are Not Survivalists Any More.

Cox’s thesis is a simple one.

Lead is a toxin, and bad for living things. Once in the environment, it can be tough to remediate, especially if the lead is scattered over a widespread area. Therefore, we should ban lead from hunting ammunition.

In theory, I have no major problem with his proposal. Lead is just one metal and I have no particular fealty to it. It has been well established that lead’s performance as a projectile can be equaled or superseded by a number of other materials depending on the task at hand.

The practical problem with his proposal, however, would seem to be the practicality and performance of smaller shot sizes and rimfire cartridges. I’ll defer to those far better qualified in those subject areas to carry on that particular conversation, but I’d be very interested in your thoughts all the same.

BTW, as long as I can practice with cheaper lead ammo at the range where lead can be collected and properly disposed of, I’m fine with using copper defensive ammo as well.

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