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Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot 2011 videos

So, I’m still collecting my thoughts about the awesome weekend Lucky Gunner put together, and I think I promised you guys some content, so lets go to the video.

First up, a view looking down the firing line from the far left  just a few minutes after the range has been cleared to go hot for the first time on Saturday morning.

Down the firing line of the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot/Bulletfest 2011

Next, my very sad attempt to shoot a M1918A2 BAR after it was so gummed up it would barely fire. Presumably, they cleaned it later.

Shooting a M1918 BAR at the 2011 Lucky Gunner Blog Shoot

The Local Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Huey made a couple of very cool low-level passes.

Sherrif Dept Huey fly-by at Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot

And now a guy with a Soviet MG. When he opened up, the guy who had been running the M1918 was off to his right, and one of the cartridge cases hit him just under the eye and bounced off his shooting glasses, demonstrating why we always wear eye and ear protection at the firing line, even when you yourself are not shooting.

Soviet MG at the Lucky Gunner Blog Shoot

And last but not least, a disagreement between a school bus and a WWII light tank is settled amicably.

Tank Versus Bus

And now for my next trick, figuring out how to embed YouTube videos in my WordPress install.

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  1. Aaron Spuler says

    Thanks for sharing the video. I was invited to the Lucky Gunner shoot but due to financial reasons, was unable to attend.

    For my wordpress install, I just paste the link of the YouTube video in the post body and it auto-embeds the video for me.

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