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Outing Lee Franklin Booth As A Federal Informant

Lee Booth-A convicted felon, who has acquired three gun companies in the past few yearsJustice comes slowly, but it does appear to be coming.

Lee Franklin Booth, the convicted felon in Greensboro, NC that has outstanding warrants out for his arrest and alleged involvement in three gun companies despite a kidnapping conviction, has now been outed as a confidential informant (CI) for the federal government.

The decision to reveal Mr. Booth’s status did not come lightly or without deliberation. I’ve known of his status for several weeks, and have given thoughtful consideration to what outing an informant may mean. At the end of the day, however, it kept coming back to one thing.

Booth appears to have made a pattern of abusing his protected status as a federal CI.

He has threatened people (which is why he has warrants out for his arrest). He has allegedly ruined the lives of hundreds if you believe as some do that he played a role in the demise of Pace Airlines. I have witnessed his attempts to ruin the lives of other people, apparently purely out of spite.

And he has allegedly done all this, using his status as a CI to halt investigations into his allegedly criminal activity.

Well, he is of no use to the feds now, and so his protected status should soon be revoked. When that happens, one can only assume that the various investigators that have wanted a piece of Mr. Booth’s hide nailed to the wall will descend upon him with search warrants in-hand.

Considering how he has abused others, I’ll feel very little pity for him when justice comes a calling.

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3 Responses

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  1. joe says

    have you completely lost your mind? I was at Pace read the court documents,he had nothing to do with Pace's demise, even the trustee agrees it was ruined long before he arrived to purchase tooling.

    • Bob says

      joe–or should I say Lee–you probably think yourself terribly clever for using the proxy.

      You aren’t.

  2. Lee says

    I’ve been at the other end of a Lee Booth “threat”. It sounded as if he was drunk when he called. He went off on tilt with the usual F-bomb this and F-bomb that and a promise to put a boot up my ass. He might know a few things about “up an ass” as he was a convicted felon during 1981-1985 have 3 hots and a cot on our tax dollars at Sandy Ridge CC and Piedmont CI prisons. It was really pathetic listening to a grown man rage at me (a stranger to him) on the phone like some foolish kid wearing his beer muscles. He needs to learn some self control. Look at the Danbee incident. Look at his recent assault with a deadly weapon warrant. Like I said, “on tilt”.

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