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Adminstration’s role in Gunwalker defended by NY Times, Pravda on the Potomac

All I can say to the editors of the Washington Post is, “dudes, liberal blogs turned this story down for lack of credibility.”

When the left’s most reliable attack dogs won’t bark out an obvious hit piece, perhaps it is time to step back from the claim in question in order to at least pretend you have some objectivity?

I’m hardly surprised that the Post and the New York Times have acted as the Obama Adminstration’s adjunct marketing department, but the meek, duplicitous  efforts they are churning out are an insult to the intelligence of their readers. They should at least put some effort into crafting plausible excuses for why officials within the Executive Branch authorized and insane scheme that now open them up to potentially 152+ counts of being accessories to murder.

Perhaps trying to blame the Congressman seeking answers and justice for those slaughtered isn’t the smartest move.


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