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Lucky Gunner Blog Shoot, Day 1

I’m getting my gear together and slathering on sunscreen for a day at the range with the other participants at the 2011 Memorial Day Weekend Blogger Shoot. We’ll be meeting up soon for breakfast and registration, and then we’ll be given the top secret location of the range, where we’ll get to fire our own firearms, a raft of Class III weaponry, and cannons.

I’ll try to update here if power and Internet connections at the range are satisfactory, and if they are suboptimal, I’ll try to update via Twitter. I brought my Flip and will try to get video of the toys and get that posted as well.

Now, off to the range!

Mid-day Update: It is a beautiful day here southwest of Knoxville, and we’re currently on a lunch break. I’ve taken the opportunity to fire a M16Al (Vietnam configuration), but have taken more pleasure watching people shoot, especially first-timers.  The look of absolute delight on their faces is a joy to behold, and hard to replicate.

Last Call: Want a good idea what it was like?

Check out this five-minute sample video at Argghh! Then, figure we did that for roughly five hours.

I’m well-fed, exhausted… and ready to do it again tomorrow.

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