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Tackytical Rifles

It’s that time of year again: Christmas is over, and SHOT Show 2011 is just around the corner. Press releases about all the new guns, ammunition and accessories are deluging my inbox, and I imagine that flow is a torrent for gun bloggers and writers that have been around far longer than I.

It’s something of that “kid in a candy store” sort of feeling, and you’re supposed to have that, or the marketers aren’t doing their jobs.

But do you ever sit down, after reading about all the whosits and whatsits and gadgets and night-vision-bayonets and cleaning-kit-expresso-makers and wonder if it isn’t all, well, a little too much?

Hey, I’m far from one to talk. I lust after the next cool tech just like the next guy. That said, I’ve gotten to the stage, I guess, that I worry more about function than flash.

Well, at least a little more.

As of now, my BCM Mid-16 Mod 2 is close to being about as “pimped out” as it is likely to get. Yes, it comes railed to the hilt with a Troy handguard, and a folding rear BUIS (I never claimed I was a Spartan), and I still have that Lucid HD7 red-dot perched up on top. I have a single-point sling made for me by my Confederate Yankee co-blogger Mike McDaniel. I’ll probably get a simple mount and Nitrolon at some point, but I honestly don’t know I’ll ever use it.

But do I need a laser, or a bipod, or vertical foregrips, high-end stocks, replacement grips, picatinny-mounted bottle-openers , rebar-cutting flashhiders, and secret compartments for batteries and spare parts?

There are times for all of these things, I suppose. When I  go to the range however, and see the guy to my side with a 12-lb. AR with ever possible accoutrement hanging off of it making fist-sized groups at 50-yards, I’ve got to wonder what good $2500 worth of hardware is if you can’t shoot it worth a damn.

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