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How to kill your cameraman

I came across a familiar story this morning. A sheriff’s office was arming it’s officers with AR-15 carbines, and the local news media was covering the story. The real story isn’t that the deputies were qualifying with their new weapons.

The story is that they allows the beautiful young lady reporter to take a loaded weapon and point it over her cameraman’s shoulder.

Here’s a screen capture pulled from the video.

On a police range, surrounded by deputies and instructors, nobody had the common sense to move the cameraman out of the line of fire? The only saving grace here is that you hear the safety snick off as the cameraman moves to the side, just before the reporter shoots. This video demonstrates a huge error in judgment by the Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio and his deputies. Obviously, they need to take their training back to basics.

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8 Responses

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  1. Gunmart says

    Have you thought about contacting the sheriff's office and directing them to your blog post?

  2. Drop Crate says

    Well at least she's wearing eye protection. I thought it was just a prop scene but when I watched the video I about spit out my evening beer when she started shooting.

  3. Encircled says

    i can't believe how much bulls**t they're telling in the video…apart from the camera-hating lady^^
    "the gun can shoot up to 90 rounds"…and then you need to buy a new one or what?

  4. Erik from Seattle says

    Here's what astonishes me. I read in comments all the time about how cops need to frisk people and be sure they aren't carrying guns .. for 'officer safety.'
    Um.. why don't I get to frisk the officers and be sure they lock up their guns before I have to deal with them? After all, they claim to be working for my safety, and the track record sure seems to be sufficient to make me nervous…

  5. MamaLiberty says

    Anybody ever hear of a remote camera? Good grief, folks.

    But I agree very much with Erik. I'm sure our public servant protectors would agree to that excellent idea. I want to frisk any cop I encounter for guns and other weapons – and confiscate them if I feel threatened in any tiny way. That way we'll both be safe. Oh, and I promise, cross my heart, not to shoot them if they twitch.

    You don't think they'd go for that?

  6. Old Easterner says

    "full of torque" !?

  7. Windy Wilson says

    That wasn't a remote camera. The Newsbimbo stayed too perfectly in the frame as the camera tracked from front left to rear left around her.

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