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Trust ’em. They’re professionals

I must be in a better mood today, because the last time I saw info about Magpul Dynamics’ Art of the Dynamic Shotgun it left me a little cold. Shotguns are excellent tools and certainly have their niche, but it has always been my under-educated opinion as a Civilian Without Professional Training that the massively over-accessorized shotguns in vogue in some circles today are ridiculous.

Honestly, do you really think you are going to need a customized Saiga SBR with EOTech, collapsible/folding/massaging stocks, and dual magwell rotisseries?

Frankly, I’d feel just as safe with an off-the-shelf Mossberg or Remington pump, but nobody pays me for my opinion, so take it for what it is worth. My prejudices aside, there are people sold on the concept of the uber-shotgun, and those folks need training.

It’s great to see that the guys who are putting that training together know how to have a little fun as well.

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