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The crux of the problem for Remington

Remington 700 When you get right down to it, it doesn’t matter one bit whether Remington is right or wrong about the Walker trigger used in the Remington 700.

What matters is whether the consumer trusts the safety of Remington rifles, and whether those concerns persuade them to find another alternative, from another manufacturer.

As far as I’m concerned, this sentiment pretty much sums it up:

Dennis and Melinda Cronk’s encounters with the Remington discharge issue didn’t end in tragedy because both, they said, practice firearm safety. They keep the weapon pointed down-range at all times and never point it at anyone or anything that could be damaged, they added.

But their faith has been shaken, and the weapon Dennis purchased for his wife is now gathering dust in storage.

“At this point I really don’t know what to do with it,” he said. “I could probably have the trigger work done, but I’m not sure I could trust (the rifle) again.”

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