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Criminals are the reason to buy handguns. Totalitarians are the reason to buy battle rifles

Thank you, Ted Rall, for proving precisely why the Founding Fathers felt so strongly about the right of the people to bear arms that they felt it second in importance only to the freedom of speech and religion.

Ted Rall and spoiled rich kid radicals like him still fashion themselves as the would-be elites, and still shrilly regard themselves as absolutely right and good, and their ideological opponents not only wrong, but evil. It is this warped belief system and imagined supremacy that has convinced Rall that you must be killed… or at least bullied into thinking you will be killed if you don’t adopt or bow down to the “right” values.

It should be no surprise that his profoundly homicidal views are shared via an increasingly radicalized MSNBC. Nor should it be surprising that his rhetoric mirrors that of some of the most dehumanizing rhetoric of the most blood-soaked totalitarian regimes of the past century.

(Cross-posted from Confederate Yankee)

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  1. Mountainbear says

    And let’s also not forget that one doesn’t need a gun to start a massacre.

    Akihabara, Tokyo, 2008. The so called “Akihabara Massacre.” A lunatic ran a rented truck into the crowd and then attacked the people with a knife. He killed 7 and injured 10 before police managed to take him down.

    If someone wants to kill, he will kill. No gun control in the world can prevent that. He will kill with a knife, with an axe, with some random blunt object or with his own bare hands.

    Heck, in my country, a few years ago, some nut built himself a flamethrower and used it to kill his parents.

    I also love this view on gun control, since it hits the spot 100%:

    Here’s another way of looking at the gun control issue.

    Imagine, if you will, a grade school classroom with 30 kids and one teacher.

    Now, let’s say the teacher creates three for the classroom, rules the kids must follow, rules that keep the classroom orderly and conducive to learning.

    The three rules are

    1. No talking during lessons
    2. Stay in your seats during lessons.
    3. Respect your fellow classmates.

    Now, suppose that despite those rules, ten out of the thirty kids repeatedly do not follow them and continually disrupt class. In addition, they push the other kids around.

    Okay–now suppose that in order to punish the ten kids for not following the rules, the teacher decides to create more rules of conduct.

    The ten kids still don’t follow.

    So the teacher creates even more rules.

    In every instance, the twenty kids who actually follow the rules are finding themselves saddled with more and sometimes stricter rules.

    They’ll follow them, of course. They’re good students.

    But those ten kids repeatedly do not.

    And the teacher creates even more rules.

    Think about this for a moment.

    As a solution, does it make sense?

    Go ahead. Think about it.

    No. It doesn’t make sense.

    Here’s the thing: this is exactly what gun control is doing.

    The ten kids (criminals) are breaking the three rules (established gun laws) so in response, the teacher (gun control advocates) create more rules to make sure the three rules are being followed.

    Now let me ask you: if you thought the classroom example didn’t work, what makes you think gun control efforts will?

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