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A great holster for that sucking chest wound you’ve always wanted

I haven’t gotten around to writing about holsters until now, and always figured that my first post would be about something I’ve used. Instead, I’m writing about a holster system that I hope nobody uses, because I think it could  be dangerous.

Conceptually, Naturally Concealed is a very interesting solution to the long-standing problem of how women can comfortably conceal a handgun considering the bewildering array of clothing options they have, combined with their own unique physiological differences. The below-bust holster system designed and sold by Naturally Concealed is a very interesting attempt to address that problem.

Designed to be worn in a harness system that places a small handgun below a woman’s breasts, the thought is to hide the weapon under the woman’s cleavage. Conceptually, that is a very neat idea. I accept without reservation that the holster is every bit as comfortable and concealable as the site claims.

The problem?

Using the Naturally Concealed holster, the handgun is placed just off-center from the bottom of the sternum…perhaps a little lower on women who are a bit better endowed. This centerline arrangement means that any time the wearer sits or bends, she is sweeping herself with her own holstered weapon.

“Big deal,” you might say. “There are lots of holsters that can cause you to sweep yourself on occasion.” That is entirely true. Appendix carry holsters, pocket holsters, underwear (crotch) holsters and belt clips can all potentially point the muzzle of the weapon at the shooter. That is also the reason that I don’t have any of these holsters. I want the muzzle of my weapon always controlled, and always pointing away from major structures.

Naturally Concealed potentially puts both vital organs and major veins and arteries under the muzzle, and that problem only increases at the moment of maximum need, that time when a woman needs to draw her weapon not on the range, but in actual defense.

First, the holster is slow to access. A woman wearing typical fashions is going to have to fight through the buttons of a blouse, the clinginess of form-fitting fabrics, and  in many instances, will require a long and involved two-handed draw. The manufacturer notes that this isn’t a fast draw holster, but that carrying a gun in a purse isn’t a fast draw option either. I’ll take her word for it.

But we’re still eft with a holster that constantly sweeps the wearer throughout the day, is often pointed at the major blood vessels of the upper thigh and the pelvic girdle while sitting, and which when draw under stress, could very well end up pointed at the user’s chest.

I could go on. I could get in much more detail, having talked to a noted human factors expert over this design and having spoken to a rather well-endowed friend who carries on a regular basis who simply laughed at the absurdity of using a holster she couldn’t find, much less use.

It is an interesting conceptual product, but in the real world, I suspect that a holster that renders the handgun more dangerous to the wearer than any criminal that may cross her path.

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Posted in Gear, Women and Guns.

2 Responses

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  1. MunDane68 says

    Hmmm…this post is nothing without pics. See if you can get Sophie Vergara to model it…

  2. James R. Rummel says

    Good post, and thanks for bringing this to greater attention.

    Other than that, I echo MunDane68's suggestion.

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