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Wanted: Optics Advice

Earlier this year I picked up a very nice-looking BCM Mid-16 Mod 2. I have to stop at saying it is “nice-looking” because I haven’t been able to take it to the range yet, thanks to a too-active and interesting summer full of surgeries and recoveries.

Once I do get a chance to get the Mid-16 broken in and know it a little better, I intend to run it through a carbine course or two. No, I’m not planning on going “mall ninja,” just wanting to increase my shooting skill with some formalized rifle training… I’ve never had any.

One thing I am noticing as I start pushing 40 hard is that my eyes don’t seem to focus as quickly as they used to at any range, and that things at a distance are starting to get a little harder to see through iron sights. So I see optics of some sort in my future.

I’ve noticed a lot of folks are really sold on 1x red dot systems, and I’m open to that, conceptually. That said, I would like the capability of a little magnification, something suitable to perhaps 200 yards. I really doubt that I’ll be shooting 5.56 any further than that.

My constraints? I’m not made of money. Like many of you, I can’t justify spending a thousand dollars or more on the latest-greatest-bombproof-tactical-night-vision-armored scope, knowing that I probably won’t shoot it more than a half-dozen times a year.

I want simple features, a straightforward reticle, decent clarity, solid (not bombproof) construction and good customer service… and the scope and mounting must be below $400.

Is this even a reasonable request? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Molon Labe says

    Sir, may I recommend the Lucid HD7? It is very well built, relatively inexpensive and has a screw-in 2x magnfier.

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