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Remington Model 700 design defect lawsuit

Remington 700 I cut my teeth shooting the Remington 721, and later a more modern version of the Remington 700 in .30-06. Those rifles put a few eastern North Carolina deer in the freezer over the years.

I was never aware of any safety issues related to the rifle’s design, but that is precisely what is being alleged in a new lawsuit that apparently isn’t the first of its kind.

According to the lawsuit filed by Jay Rambo, his father was loading the .338 Caliber Model 700 Remington rifle when it fired without the trigger being touched. The high velocity 200 grain bullet struck Jay Rambo in the forearm as well as his right gluteus according to the complaint. The gun was resting on the foam of the open gun case as it was being loaded by Jay’s father, Dale Rambo.

That trigger mechanism, known as the “Walker Fire Control,” uses an internal component called a “connector.” The lawsuit alleges that Remington has known about the problems with the Walker Fire Control for decades. In a company memo from 1979, Remington even admits to its own defect and recognizes the danger to its customers.

My first thought is that it is ultimately Jay’s injuries are his father’s fault for muzzling him as the senior Rambo loaded his weapon. Never point your muzzle at anything you don’t want to destroy meets all guns are loaded, all the time.

But beyond that, I’m a bit concerned that there have apparently been a number of cases over the years concerning this design, and Remington has apparently paid out tens of millions in settlements.

If there really is a defective design, I would hope that the company is planning to issue a recall to replace the defective design. It would be a betrayal of their relationship with their customers if they don’t, and that kind of betrayal is not easily forgiven.

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2 Responses

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  1. bill moodie says

    i have a modell 700 have allways liked this rifle and would have sided with remington when told of this missfire problem, but while out hunting this year it happend to me, fortonately i had the rifle pointed toward my target when i released the safety and the rifle discharged.

  2. Ernie Richardson says

    The accusations are true, I purchased a reminton model 700 rile in 2011 new from a licensed gun dealer. Over the course of the hunting season my rifle missed fired at least 5 times while trying to disengage the safety. (Probably about 25% of the time)

    A friend advised me of the defect and it shocked me that Remington was still marketing a product with a known obvious defect that is out right dangerous.

    SO I called remington to ask if they would honor the quality of their product and simply fix the defect, I wanted nothing more. The coustmer sevice guy quickly advised me that nothing could be wrong with the gun and that they would charge me to fix it. Very frustrating when all I was asking was for them to stand behind thier product and make my product safe and reliable as a resonable person would expect.

    I’ve hunted all my life and probably owned 15-20 remingtons at one time or another, all I can say is Remington shame on you and I will never buy another remington product and will never suggest anyone else do the sale.

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