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Machine guns are deliciously fun, but expensive. Who knew?

Jeff Winkler of the Daily Caller at Knob Creek MG Shoot 2010 Having my first experience with fully-automatic weapons just over a week ago I know exactly what Daily Caller writer Jeff Winkler was talking about when he talked about standing in front of the rental menu board at Knob Creek, “our eyes and smiles as wide as kids’ on Christmas day.”

I suspect his article, The machine gun hobby is an expensive one but shooting an automatic is indescribably fun is a great read, especially for long-suffering shooters used to hearing the term “machine gun” tossed about erroneously and with malice by the media.

A taste:

As a D.C. transplant from Arkansas, my firearms experience didn’t go much further than shooting freshly finished beer bottles with a .22 caliber rifle. I’d made friends with a young photographer, Bryan Tarnowski: a NYC transplant from North Carolina who had experience with a few handguns in a Manhattan shooting range. And not Manhattan, Kansas.

There were more than a dozen options to choose from. There was – among many, many others — the drum-fed STG 34k; the belt-fed Browning 1919; the magazine-fed AK-47. Not that I know what any of this means. But we were hungry to get fed regardless.

Tarnoswki looked at me with a strange half-eager, half-trance look and said in one dreamy breath, “I’m getting the Tommy Gun.” I walk up to the counter and the man politely yelled over the pop of gunfire, “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SHOOT!”

Read the rest, and make sure you note what he did at the end of his excursion.

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