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Israeli firm debuts two new AK variants

Defense Update has an article that gives a brief overview of two new Israeli AK-variants from the company Silver Shadow.

While I appreciate the ruggedness and unquestioned success of the AK-platform, it has never really been a weapon that I found to be especially interesting or “sexy.”

The silenced .308 Timna sniper rifle might just change my mind.

In the dusty, dirty, rubble-strewn urban warfare the IDF typically finds itself engaged in, the quiet M76-based rifle could provide an advantage over it’s less robust and more audible counterparts. Without any audio signature to give it’s shooter’s position away, the Timna could terrify terrorists attempt to set up rockets or infiltrate across Israel’s borders.

The other “weapon” is actually an enhancement kit that allows a user to modify an existing AK-47/74 with Picatinny rails to mount all the gee-gaws and doo-dads you could want to westernize it. My thought is that if you want a western rifle, get a western rifle but Silver Shadow apparently sees a market for the kit, so I wish them the best of luck with it.

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