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EXCLUSIVE: Felon with a gun (company) [updated]

Lee Booth-A convicted felon, who has acquired three gun companies in the past few years

Update: A correction to the Pajamas Media article has been posted.

In an exclusive investigative report at Pajamas Media I’ve written about the truly terrifying reality that a convicted felon has gone beyond the normal criminal behavior of acquiring guns to acquiring entire gun companies… while law enforcement officials have turned a blind eye.

I wish I could say I was kidding, or discussing the script to a film, but I’m not.

This is real life, and as scary as it gets.

A taste:

In the dark fantasies of comic books, villains with pathological intent maniacally plot to build super-weapons to decimate cities, countries, and even planets. In Hollywood movies, the corrupt and evil plot to build cop-killing firearms to bring anarchy and chaos to our streets.

Imagine, if you can, a convicted kidnapper with additional arrests for communicating threats and simple assault acquiring not just a weapon or two, but an entire gun company while the federal government stood idly by.

Imagine that this same felon then started another gun company from scratch, and then used that company to acquire a third company that was licensed to build machine guns. Imagine further he was given a concealed carry license, and that local law enforcement and federal agents turned a blind eye to everything.

This isn’t the plot latest reboot of the RoboCop or Lethal Weapon movie franchises, but the extraordinary alleged real-life story of Lee Franklin Booth, 51, a Greensboro, North Carolina resident with an incredibly checkered past.

As I understand it, the possession of a firearm or gun parts by a convicted felon is worth ten years in prison.

A single photo contains enough evidence for a 20 year stretch.

Convicted kidnapper Lee Booth with 2 handguns.

But far more worrisome is why a convicted felon would take the risk of literally thousands of years of jail time to take control of a gun company.

Is he after the guns themselves, to sell or divert them to the black market? Or is he after the tooling and machines, so that he can strip these companies of their physical assets and provide cartels and terrorists the equipment to build their own high tech weapons manufacturing factories?

I don’t have the answer to these questions, and those sworn to protect this nation from men like Lee Booth aren’t going after him… yet.

Something is very, very wrong with this picture.

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