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Ever tried installing sights on a Springfield Armory XD? I get the chance next week

One of the first things I did after purchasing my stock Springfield Armory XD 9mm service model was take the NRA’s Personal Protection Outside the Home course at the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center.

The 3-dot sights that came with the XD performed well enough under normal lighting conditions, but when shooting a low-light scenario on the second day of the class I finally understood how tough it could be to engage your target quickly when you can’t really see your sights that well.

The next weekend I went to my local gun shop to see about getting night sights installed. The problem was, they couldn’t do it, and didn’t know anyone who could. It turns out that XD sights are a bear to remove.

So it was with some interest that I saw LaserLyte’s press release that they have a new rear sight install tool and had expanded their line of rear sight lasers.

I emailed Kristen (who had sent me the press release), and asked:

How well does the RL Install tool work with Springfield Armory XD pistols? Is it something an amateur gunsmith could use confidently?

My two XD 9mm pistols still have factory fixed sights because of the woes I’ve heard about how difficult it is to remove XD sights.

Kristen’s response was both excellent and unexpected:

How about I send you the tool and sight and you can try it out for yourself?

She followed up some hours later by saying:

The RL-TOOL works OK with the XD pistols, it can be difficult sometimes.  But other times it was very possible with some effort depends on the gun.

In other words, it might work, and it might not, depending on the idiosyncrasies of my particular XD.

They are shipping me an RSL laser sight to fit my XD, and the tool to install it.

Am I looking forward to it? Heck yeah.

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