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D.A.’s witness in Erik Scott case is a possible campaign donor

Over at my home blog,  Confederate Yankee, my co-blogger Mike McDaniel has been doing an excellent job chronicling the case of Erik Scott, the West Point grad gunned down outside of a Las Vegas Costco.

This still-developing series, written by a former police officer, firearms trainer and detective, has been getting wide review in the blogosphere thanks to links to all three from Instapundit Glenn Reynolds, Vox Day, and others who have been following the case.

The series so far:

  1. Analysis of a Death: The Erik Scott Shooting
  2. The Erik Scott Shooting: Update 2
  3. The Erik Scott Shooting: Update 3

One of the those others—who I’ve chosen to keep anonymous until I can confirm they want credit for the tip—has passed along a copy of what they claim is the campaign contribution and expense report (PDF) for District Attorney David Roger of Clark County.

On page 8 of that document, you’ll note the name of one Christopher Villarealle. (click image below for larger view).

A man named Christopher Villareale also testified to the Erik Scott inquest.

It could very well be that the Christopher Villareale that donated money to the District Attorney’s political campaign is unrelated to the Christopher Villareale that testified in the Erik Scott inquest. It could be that he is the same Christopher Villareale. If the later is the case, a disclosure of the campaign contribution would have seemed to have been in order, especially considering the questioned credibility of the inquest and witness list that arose before the inquest even began.

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2 Responses

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  1. Bob_Owens says

    Those are really good questions, Toni… and since there is no cross-examination allowed in the corner's inquest by the attorney for the deceased, we'll never know unless this case goes to civil trial and the question is asked there.

  2. davis,br says

    Oh, this case IS going to go to civil trial. I have no doubt about that at all.

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