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It is a pain in the ass to maintain multiple blogs, especially when you have multiple blogs on different content management systems. I’ll be porting the posts here over to in the weeks ahead.

Don’t be surprised when this site ceases to exist in November or December, and please bookmark my new blog home.

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Gunwalker exposed: not a law enforcement operation, but something far worse

Whether or not the asshats at Fox News or the Drudge Report want to give credit where credit is due, we here in the gun community know that it was David Codrea at the Gun Rights Examiner and Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street Irregulars that broke the damning news that Operation Fast and Furious was a gun-running operation that used taxpayer dollars to purchase firearms and deliver them directly to the Mexico drug cartels. I was fortunate enough to contribute in some small way by giving them some of the traffic they rightfully deserve and corroborating their exclusive after the fact.

The more I think about the hundreds of lives lost and the families destroyed with weapons provided  by our government, the more upset I become. Almost every law enforcement agency of the executive branch and scattered across four cabinet level agencies (Justice, State, Treasury, and Homeland Security) has a role in arming some of the most violent criminals on earth with the apparent goal of destabilizing an ally on the edge of a civil war and undermining the Constitution of our own nation.

In my opinion, what we are witnessing is a massive crime, and quite probably the legal definition of international terrorism as defined in U.S. Law. I don’t think we are in the range of hyperbole anymore when we wonder whether or not President Obama’s government is guilty of terrorism and acts of war against an ally. I do not think I am being hyperbolic when I say with great concern that it appears that the actions of our Executive branch walk right up to the line of what the Constitution considers treason, and perhaps crosses it.

Chairman Issa, Senator Grassley, and others have trod very deliberately and carefully since the very beginning of Operation Fast and Furious, always very measured with their words and careful in their allegations. Now that we know some of what they know, it is all too apparent why they have proceeded with such caution.

They have before them evidence that a substantial portion of one branch of federal government, led by high-ranking political appointees and elected officials, has apparently broken the most sacred trust, shattered their oaths, caused the deaths of hundreds and committed an act of war in an attempt to undermine our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This is the largest scandal in American political history, which may eventually lead to the President and his closest advisors facing federal charges in two nations relating to terrorism, multiple murders, arms trafficking, and treason.

I lack the vocabulary to properly relate my astonishment and anger at the betrayal of this nation by the majority of “professional” media that would let the greatest crime in our nation’s history go unreported, or in the case of the Washington Post and New York Times, attempt to slander and libel those who would bring justice to a criminal regime.

We are rapidly approaching a juncture in history where we will either see justice served in a court of law, or tyranny run through the barrel of the gun. The Obama Administration has firmly indicated their favor for the latter.

Let us hope that the Courts and Congress can counteract that criminal tendency, so that we are not forced to water the tree of liberty ourselves.

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Need a stripped AR lower?

Bob Reynolds of Templar Customs is blowing out his inventory of stripped lowers for $65 each while they last.

First come, first served.

Update: Sean at An NC Gun Blog took Bob up on his offer and got to handle one of the most awesome guns I’ve ever laid hands on as a bonus.

The 50 Beowulf is easily one of the coolest calibers a AR-pattern rifle can be chambered in. It’s a bit of a beast to shoot, but I think a lightweight 50 Beowulf with a pair of ten-round magazines would be an excellent deterrent to anything on this side of the last Ice Age in our hemisphere.

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Templar MCWS at Shooting Illustrated

Templar Custom MCWS in "Desert Snake" trimI’m written about Templar Custom’s rifles before and I’d promised that I was going to reviewing the Templar Multi-Caliber Weapons System (MCWS) for Shooting Illustrated.


Guess what posted today?

Bob builds a damn nice rifle, and it shoots great, as video from the day of the shoot attests.

Not bad work shooting at a 6″ plate at 150 yards through an EOTech. His next project gun is going to be a DMR like this one.

It’s coming home to me with 18″ 6.5 Grendel and .223 Wylde barrels.

I can hardly wait.

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Who do you go to for gun reviews?

When you hear about a new gun and you’re considering buying it, who or where do you go to for reviews?

Do you favor the traditional print gun periodicals, or do you lean more towards online forums, reviews, and bloggers?

Are there some reviewers that carry no weight for you at all?

Are there a handful of go-to sources that you trust above all others?


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Another iteration of the new Detonics 45

I’ll let you click to enlarge and get the full-effect of the as-yet-unnamed new Detonics 45.

You’ll notice that it isn’t properly a 1911, but a conceptual blending of two of John Browning’s designs, with a 1911-style top-end and a Hi-Power inspired frame, both updated with modern manufacturing technologies, and more importantly, subtle improvements based upon human factors research into combat shooting and physiological responses.

There’s a lot more I could say about this pistol at this point, but I promised that I wouldn’t. I’m anxiously awaiting a chance to get my paws on one within the next few months and put it through its paces.

Update: I also have an unofficial photo of an all-black version taken with an iPhone. This is as good of a resolution as it gets.

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I have a confession to make.

I do not read all the sites listed in my blogroll on a daily, or even a weekly basis.

In addition to pouring most of my efforts into what really matters in my life (my wife and children and my day job), I run another little blog, and write for a couple of other places. I’m more often involved in creating content than consuming it.

The blogs I have listed in my blogroll may have gotten there for any number of utterly arbitrary reasons. A scant handful of the most interesting and prolific make it into my list of actual daily reads, while a dozen or so I read at least weekly. I try to hit all of them at least once a month, and generally only delete a site from the list when they either let the blog go dormant, or when they simple aren’t worth reading to me.

The only other reason I delete sites is because they’ve done something I find high objectionable. I’ve just removed a site for that very reason.

Controversial sites are often great reads, but I have a hard problem directly any of the small level of traffic this blog generates to a site that misappropriates contents from other sites. Plagiarism is a big deal, and I won’t condone it or link to those who traffic in it.

And that’s the truth.

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Having “the conversation”

It’s often been said–sometimes seriously, sometimes in playful jest–that you can’t choose your family. I’ve been blessed more than most, in that my brothers both married better than they deserve to wonderful ladies, and my in-laws are a very tight, playful, and loving bunch.

I do have a friend married to a manic-depressive and jealous man prone to fits of rage in which he delivers withering verbal assaults, and on at least one occasion, physical violence towards her.

Getting any more specific into their circumstances is irrelevant, but their relationship has deteriorated to the point that she is living with her parents with their kids, and may be contemplating taking the legal steps to end their relationship.

He owns an inexpensive pistol (a Cobra, maybe?) and has made statements that I interpret as threats of physical violence. We have very real concerns that if she does move forward with legal separation and divorce, that he will attempt to harm her and perhaps her children and her parents as well.

I’m now contemplating a conversation that I dread having.

They are wonderful people, but view guns as repulsive and possibly animate objects filled with evil. My friend is more open to the idea (especially because she wants to protect her kids), but has no experience or training.

I would like to try to convince all three of them to get some firearms training (NRA Home Firearm Safety, First Steps Pistol, Personal Defense in the Home) and keep a revolver in a small safe in their home “just in case.”

My sis-in-law would be the primary target of his rage, I’d like to encourage her to take the range’s concealed carry course, and Personal Protection Outside of the Home. in case he decides to confront her at work.

I’d be more than willing to pay for all of the training and associated hardware, from guns to safes to holsters and ammo.

But how do you broach the subject of training to use lethal force with retired adults that have associated guns with evil, violence, and crime for their entire lives?  I’m hoping someone out there has an idea of the right way to have this conversation.

I’m stumped.

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Clown college recommendations

You can chose between the traditional variant, where you get an education in providing laughs and perhaps learn to squirt water into an unsuspecting circus-goers face like they teach in a real clown college…


You could go to American Defense Enterprises, where you will get something resembling a nightmare of clownish behavior with firearms that might lead to one or more of your kidneys being splattered all over the target because of their dangerous training practices… and that’s no laughing matter.

I have had very minimal formal training when it comes to firearms, restricted to a handful of NRA classes and a half-day at the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot with the very impressive Tom Givens of Rangemaster. In each and every one of these courses, safety was paramount, and the instructors would have had no room for the dangerous stunts performed on camera by ADE instructor-clowns.

These people will get someone injured or killed.

Stay away from them.

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Advice wanted: AR-15 A2 scout mount, rings, and scope

So I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I picked up a M15A2. I’ve now decided–perhaps a bit late–that I’d like to outfit it with scout-style scope and mount ahead of the fixed A2 carry handle.

And I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

I need recommendations on a solid mount that connects to the A2 carry handle and allows the use of iron sights (lower 1/3 co-witness?), a rugged 2x to 3x fixed power scope that won’t cost more than my rifle, and the rings/based to pull it all together.

Anyone have a good combination that has worked well for them?

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